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Board of Directors

David Deschamps


Anne Azéma

French-born vocalist, scholar, stage director, teacher, and Artistic Director of The Boston Camerata


Board Member


I have performed, toured, recorded, and bird-watched with Don for over twenty years and on three continents. In addition to my work as a solo performer and director of musical productions of varied styles and periods, I have appeared on more than 45 recordings, including The Boston Camerata's discs Johnny Johnson, Liberty Tree and The Golden Harvest, which featured Don’s incomparable baritone.

Anne Azéma 2.jpg

Author, musician, and
documentary filmmaker;




Don and I became friends 40 years ago when we were singing waiters at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Along with Mary Ann and Celeste, we formed The Boston Exchange, an a cappella quartet, and sang together for ten unforgettable years. Though he was my junior by three years, Don became a beloved friend and my mentor in many areas of life.


Kathleen Fogarty

Soprano, opera-concert-recital


Board Member


I met Don when he was a student, just 19 years old. He auditioned for me and I was floored when I heard that beautiful, sonorous voice. Don’s humanity, curiosity about the world, and optimism were just a few of the qualities that made him special. Don’s commitment to supporting young artists will be realized with this award bearing his name.

Daniel Alan Hershey

Tenor and Executive Director
of Hurwit & Associates

Vice President


Don and I sang together  for over twenty years with groups including The Boston Camerata, Opera Boston, Handel & Haydn, and Emmanuel Music. When we weren’t on stage together, we could often be found on the road less traveled, searching for that elusive life-bird to add to our lists — a hobby he taught me. Later, I helped Don form his own summer music program, the Nahant Music Festival. I am forever grateful to have been his friend and will always remember his kind, loving soul and sense of humor.

Celeste Rioux Gobeille

Soprano, comic, and
basset-hound lover




I met Don in college, and for 40 years was best friends with him in every sense of those words. The depth of my love for him knows no bounds, and it is a privilege to help carry on his legacy for the benefit of musicians now and in the future.


Actor and CPA



I attended U Mass Lowell (Class of ’82) with Don. And while we didn't attend any of the same classes, I too received a technical education, with a major in accounting, and like Don I also kept a strong foothold in the arts all throughout college.

Jack Garrity


Mary Ann Stewart

 Mezzo-soprano and Fresh Cercle Founder / Creative Entrepreneur


Board Member


I shared Don's love of historically informed performance in Consortium Artis Musicae (CAM) at UMass/Lowell. He and I were a dining-room team as members of the singing wait staff at the Mount Washington Hotel and, with Celeste and David, formed the a cappella quartet, Boston Exchange. We enjoyed downhill skiing together, too. In Boston, Don and I sang together at Emmanuel Music, Banchetto Musicale, and in recitals and special performances.


Ryan Turner

Conductor, tenor, and teacher


Board Member


Beginning in 1997, Don and I sang together for many years at Emmanuel Music and in The Boston Camerata; then I had the good fortune to collaborate with him in my role as Artistic Director of Emmanuel Music. A deep friendship formed in music, along with admiration for his warm, natural baritone; Don became a big brother to me — supportive, cajoling and loving.

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